Once you choose a hotline vendor, wouldn’t it be great if it was ‘set it and forget it’? Compliance hotlines don’t work that way, Business moves too fast and risks are too high when it comes to issue intake and case management.  For these reasons, it’s wise to audit your hotline provider’s processes regularly. 

With the  questions in this guide, you’ll be able to identify how to evaluate a hotline vendor to support your company mission and compliance goals. 

Get 10 Questions You Need to Evaluate Hotline Vendors


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Whistleblowing... Defending the Accuser and Accused

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Masterclass: Diversity Issues in Corporate Compliance

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For more than 20 years, ComplianceLine has put our customers and the quality of our work before profits to become the leading provider of ethics and compliance (E&C) solutions and second-largest player in the space. Our clients trust us to listen to their employees and empower us to assist in the identification of unethical, illegal, and questionable behavior. 

In building this trust, we have provided compliance solutions in 50,000 locations to more than 6 million employees in 100+ countries through our highly-trained, caring, and compliance-minded professionals. We have helped E&C leaders investigate nearly 10 million reports, offering employees the industry’s leading-edge tools to report unethical or illegal behavior free from retaliation. 

Customers include 6 of the top 7 healthcare systems in the U.S., as well as with Pruitt Health, Sutter Health, many top secondary education providers like The University of Kentucky and Johns Hopkins University, and Fortune 500 companies, such as International Paper and AT&T among others.

About ComplianceLine 

Roy Snell and his panel of experts will look at the challenges issue reporting systems have from a broader perspective than most education sessions cover. 

They will discuss the problems and solutions related to implementing a process that ensures all people involved in a claim of ethics or regulatory wrongdoing are treated professionally and that the process ends in an accurate outcome.
How do you make sure your process treats everyone involved in a claim of ethics or regulatory wrongdoing professionally?
What do you need to set up your whistleblower process so that it ends in an accurate outcome?
How can you tweak your reporting system to assure everyone involved and even those looking on that they can trust and respect the outcome?