Once you choose a hotline vendor, wouldn’t it be great if it was ‘set it and forget it’? Compliance hotlines don’t work that way, Business moves too fast and risks are too high when it comes to issue intake and case management.  For these reasons, it’s wise to audit your hotline provider’s processes regularly. 

With the  questions in this guide, you’ll be able to identify how to evaluate a hotline vendor to support your company mission and compliance goals. 

Get 10 Questions You Need to Evaluate Hotline Vendors


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How to Cut Days from your Issue Open Rate

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Masterclass: Diversity Issues in Corporate Compliance

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For more than 20 years, ComplianceLine has put our customers and the quality of our work before profits to become the leading provider of ethics and compliance (E&C) solutions and second-largest player in the space. Our clients trust us to listen to their employees and empower us to assist in the identification of unethical, illegal, and questionable behavior. 

In building this trust, we have provided compliance solutions in 50,000 locations to more than 6 million employees in 100+ countries through our highly-trained, caring, and compliance-minded professionals. We have helped E&C leaders investigate nearly 10 million reports, offering employees the industry’s leading-edge tools to report unethical or illegal behavior free from retaliation. 

Customers include 6 of the top 7 healthcare systems in the U.S., as well as with Pruitt Health, Sutter Health, many top secondary education providers like The University of Kentucky and Johns Hopkins University, and Fortune 500 companies, such as International Paper and AT&T among others.

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Did you know your issue intake process can affect your issue open rate?

Join this Masterclass with Matt Kelly and expert panelists to learn positive steps you can take with issue intake to speed your close rate, improve risk mitigation and create a positive culture.

Issue open rate is a critical performance indicator for ethics and compliance programs. Reporters want to know that their issues are being taken care of in a timely manner.

Not only is it a best practice for general risk mitigation, reducing time to close also has positive cultural implications. When employees see that their cases are both being closed quickly and the results of those investigations are communicated back when possible (either directly or through policy changes, education, or other management-level interventions), your people see that their voice matters and that you care about their concerns.

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The purpose of this e-book is to explore how compliance teams can improve their issues management, especially at the intake stage.
With the right steps taken at the beginning, the rest of 

issues management can unfold more efficiently.

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